Nominal power4,45 Kw
Suggested charcoal load6,00 Kg
Consumption rate0,85 Kg/hr
Average service time
(first 3/4 hours maximum heat intensity, last 2/3 hours declining)
5/7 hrs
Starting time1 hr
Average production rate (300 gr. a portion)100 portions/hr
Operating temperature270 / 370°C
Capacity2 GN 1/1
Minimum extraction hood rate1500 m3/hr
Extraction hood aspiration speed> 1,5  m/s  <  3,0  m/s
Fumes temperature at aspiration hood intake
(minimum distance from Fire breaker 25cm)
< 80 °C
Efficiency64,61 %
CO emission in the combustion products0,437 %
Width with grill drawers closed
(including handles)
585 mm
Width with grill drawers opened
(including handles)
960 mm
Width with grease drainer900 mm
Depth with front hatch closed
(including handles)
840 mm
Depth with front hatch opened1240 mm
Total height with wheels on floor,
smoke outlet valve and firebreaker
1668 mm
Height X-Oven.2802 mm
Height brazier lifting cart566 mm
Height of smoke outlet valve + firebreaker300 mm
Total weight285 Kg
Weight X-Oven.2215 Kg
Weight brazier lifting cart70 Kg
Dimensions of stainless steel grill 1/1 370 x 540 mm




X-Oven.2 with two grill drawers is the ideal solution to combine the versatility of the X-Oven.3 with the ease of use of the X-Oven.1.

X-Oven.2 adopts a grill drawer with 15 cm of available height in the position closer to the brazier tray, offering the possibility to the chef to place the grill or more grills, at three alternative heights.  Additionally, on the upper level, it hosts a grill drawer with 10 cm of available height.

X-Oven.2 is the solution for chefs that want to combine the different heat intensity between grill drawers suitable to customize cooking techniques with an internal service temperature sufficiently homogenous to optimize production capacity.

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