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Slim Grill Drawers Kit (2 Grill Drawers 05 + 1 Pair Telescopic Guides + 1 Stainless Steel Grill 1/1)

Code: APX12.SGDK

Accessories category

Accessory description

The slim grill drawer kit is recommended for cooking small-sized foods in the X-Oven.1 and X-Oven.2 models. The slim grill drawer’s 5 cm height is recommended for hamburgers and steaks, as well as vegetables or fish. The slim grill drawer kit includes two slim grill drawers, a pair of telescopic guides and a stainless-steel grill.

It can be used in place of the standard grill drawer 15 on the X-Oven.1 model, and the first grill drawer on the X-Oven.2 model. To install, simply remove the grill drawer 15 and install the two slim grill drawers in the same spot, using the two telescopic guides and standard stainless-steel grill provided with the oven and those included in the Kit.