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X-OVEN was established in 2013 by entrepreneur Alfredo Mercurio and restaurateur and inventor Enrico Piazzi. The company produces and distributes its internationally patented charcoal ovens with removable grill drawers around the world for the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering sectors.

The group is composed of  X-OVEN International in Lugano, Switzerland (X-OVEN’s headquarters and responsible for the Swiss and international market headed by CEO Alfredo Mercurio) and of X-OVEN Italia located in Cremona, which is responsible for marketing in Italy and led by CEO Enrico Piazzi.

Italian design and Swiss precision combine in X-Oven making it the perfect blend of functional excellence, tradition and innovation.

Enrico Piazzi is a restaurateur and inventor for both work and pleasure. After years of slaving over hot grills that were awkward to use, wasteful and unsafe, he came up with an idea to replace the traditional front hatch of old-fashioned charcoal ovens with a system of one or more removable side grill drawers set at different heights so that different foods could be cooked at different temperatures.

The idea was simple, like all successful ideas that lead to small but major revolutions. The product’s distinctive features have been recognized as being unique, and therefore patentable internationally.

X-Oven is distributed globally. In it, the world’s most talented chefs and most exclusive restaurants have discovered a new and surprising cooking tool that enhances natural food flavors, encourages creativity, cuts energy costs and guarantees a safe working environment.