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Why choose X-Oven? Discover the main advantages!

Natural flavors, lightness and wellbeing

X-Oven is the most advanced expression of charcoal ovens, a new cooking philosophy for those who love to enhance the natural flavors of food without overloading it with fat.

The heat from the coals surrounds and “seals” the entire food surface to enhance its natural flavor and preserve tenderness.

The result is healthy cooking that requires no additional condiments. It also preserves natural lightness since foods are not cooked in their own fat like on electric grills. And, unlike open grills, there’s no risk of charring meat with X-Oven. X-Oven’s closed chamber was designed to contain only enough oxygen to keep the coals alive, to minimize flame development from dripping grease. Foods are cooked to perfection in X-Oven, for low-fat and healthy eating.

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Creativity and versatility

X-Oven gives free rein to chefs’ creativity for many cooking methods, with consistently excellent results.

Food’s taste and nuances of flavor can be modulated by adjusting the smoke outlet valve: more closed for a stronger and more intense charcoal taste, and more open for a more delicate flavor.

X-Oven has chosen a neutral charcoal to enhance the natural flavor of foods, though wood chips of various essences can be added to create infinite nuances of flavor.

The efficient brazier height adjustment system means that the desired temperatures can be maintained for hours to prepare several dishes at the same time.

In addition to grilling at different heights, X-Oven also offers a set of accessories that multiply cooking methods and possibilities. For example, the pans can be used to cook pasta or vegetables au gratin, with the bonus of a smoky flavor that only a charcoal fire can give.

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Simplicity and safety

X-Oven was designed for safe and easy charcoal grilling. It’s easy to light, adjust, clean and install.

It makes cooking a triple delight: the inner walls of each grill drawer completely isolate the oven to prevent sparks, smoke and heat from escaping. This makes cooking safe, preventing heat from escaping and avoiding the risk of burns.

The chef simply opens the grill drawer to check cooking.

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Energy, space and time savings

X-Oven is significantly more efficient than all other grilling systems using a solid fuel.

X-Oven’s removable grill drawers were designed to prevent energy loss: the enameled combustion chamber is always closed for slow combustion and to prevent flame development. Consumption is 80% lower than traditional braziers and 50% lower than traditional charcoal ovens. Energy consumption is also reduced thanks to the brazier raising system in the base cart that lets chefs take advantage of every calorie of heat generated.

Then there’s the charcoal proposed by X-Oven that lets the oven reach very high temperatures quickly and keep them constant over time.

Unlike traditional charcoal ovens, X-Oven is a vertical system with grill drawers on different levels to increase overall surface area and reduce grilling times.

The removable grill drawers make it easy to check and adjust cooking. The high, flameless temperatures guarantee excellent dishes in a very short time.

And X-Oven’s compact and functional design makes it the perfect addition to any professional kitchen, even small ones.

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Ease of use, cleaning and installation

X-Oven is easy to light: just open the air inlet and smoke outlet valves to promote combustion, then close the air inlet once the service temperature has been reached to minimize fuel consumption.

It’s easy to regulate: adjusting the smoke outlet valve increases the charcoal flavor, and the thermometer on the front hatch window lets chefs monitor the temperature.

Cleanup is easy: the inner and outer stainless steel and porcelain surfaces simply need to be wiped with a cloth and a non-abrasive cleanser. The grills, drawers and tracks are easy to remove and are dishwasher safe.

X-Oven is completely autonomous, requiring no electrical, water or gas hook-up. The built-in fire-breaker mechanism on the smoke outlet valve prevents any risk of sparks or solid particles escaping. The oven must be placed beneath a hood for aspiration of cooking vapors.

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