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X-Oven: Reasons

Natural flavors, lightness and wellbeing

X-Oven is the most advanced expression of charcoal ovens, a new cooking philosophy for those who love to enhance the natural flavors of food without overloading it with fat.

Creativity and versatility

X-Oven gives free rein to chefs’ creativity for many cooking methods, with consistently excellent results.

Simplicity and safety

X-Oven was designed for safe and easy charcoal grilling. It’s easy to light, adjust, clean and install.

Energy, space and time savings

X-Oven is significantly more efficient than all other grilling systems using a solid fuel.

Ease of use, cleaning and installation

X-Oven is easy to light: just open the air inlet and smoke outlet valves to promote combustion, then close the air inlet once the service temperature has been reached to minimize fuel consumption.

X-Oven is distributed globally. In it, the world’s most talented chefs and most exclusive restaurants have discovered a new and surprising cooking tool that enhances natural food flavors, encourages creativity, cuts energy costs and guarantees a safe working environment.

X-Oven: products

X-Oven is the next-generation charcoal oven for professional kitchens

Innovative side grill drawer system.

This is the first alternative to traditional charcoal ovens that only have a front hatch.

This exclusive innovation was born of Italian ingenuity, perfected in Switzerland and protected by an international patent.

X-Oven is the only charcoal oven with grill drawers available in three models with one, two or three grill drawers.

It’s lined with enameled steel and has an insulated chamber and a safe and efficient external smoke outlet.

The grill drawers are mounted on telescopic ball bearing slides. They were designed for use at high temperatures and to stand up to heavy use for many years.

X-Oven offers creativity and performance, letting chefs cook different dishes at different temperatures at the same time.

Chefs can open the drawers safely to check food with no risk of being hit by blasts of intense heat.

Heat is not lost, rather it surrounds and seals foods to keep their juices in and preserve their flavor and aroma.

X-Oven makes work safer and easier, improves the quality of foods and significantly reduces energy consumption.

X-Oven .1

X-Oven.1 can be considered a specialized product, characterized by a high and uniform service temperature, that can reach 380 °C and keep it constant throughout a standard service.

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X-Oven Burger Machine

The latest innovation of the X-Oven range is the Burger Machine, a charcoal oven with built-in fry top designed to exalt the qualities of gourmet hamburgers.

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X-Oven .2

X-Oven.2 with two grill drawers is the ideal solution to combine the versatility of the X-Oven.3 with the ease of use of the X-Oven.1.

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X-Oven .3

X-Oven.3 is a versatile product that thanks to its innovative design offers the chef multiple cooking options.

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