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Non-stick aluminum tray set (1 tray 1/1 + 1 tray 1/2 + 1 tray 1/3)


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Accessory description

The Aluminum non-stick trays set includes three 1/3, 1/2 and 1/1 GN gravity die-cast aluminum trays with a non-stick coating. Non-stick aluminum utensils have all the features of ordinary aluminum utensils (handling, heat conduction) but offer the advantage of preventing food from sticking.

Aluminum non-stick trays can dose the heat transmitted by the brazier, making them ideal for slow cooking or for reheating seasoned and marinated products.


  • Before using for the first time, wash well in hot water and neutral detergent, and dry.
  • After use, allow trays to cool then wash with a soft sponge in hot water and neutral detergent.
  • When removing pieces, separate them with soft protectors.