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Pallet of X-Oven Canutillo charcoal (480 kg.; 60 bags of 8 kg.)

Code: AF.PCC8

Accessories category

Accessory description

X-Oven Canutillo charcoal is made using Marabu wood and is recommended to guarantee the right amount heat without generating excessive amounts of solid residues, while minimizing spark and smoke production.

It gives foods a delicate flavor, making it suitable for all types of preparations.

The pallet of X-Oven Cannello charcoal includes 60 8-kg (17.6 lb.) bags, for a total weight of 480 kg (1058 lb.).

X-Oven Canutillo charcoal generates stable heat with no excessive peaks during warming or drops during cooking.

The choice of charcoal is important to obtain the stated performance and to guarantee good operation and service.

Customers may use any charcoal they wish, though they must be aware that the charcoal can have a significant impact on performance.