Charcoal Cuisine

Grill Revolution | X-Oven

A patented, exclusive and revolutionary system

X-OVEN is the charcoal oven for modern professional kitchens; it is equipped with an insulated chamber and an external, safe and functional fumes exhaust system, while its inner parts are made ​​of porcelain stainless steel.

Its removable grill drawers system is a distinctive trait. The drawers, mounted on ball bearing telescopic rails, have been designed to work at extremely high temperatures and offer maximum resistance to constant stress over time.

What it does for you

X-OVEN allows cooking different dishes at the same time at three different temperatures, all to the advantage of creativity and performance. In order to control the cooking process, the drawers open securely without the risk of gusts at high temperatures. The heat does not disperse, enveloping the food and preserving its juices and organoleptic properties. Working is easier and safer, the quality of the dishes is excellent and consumption savings are significant.

The idea

Designed for enclosed professional kitchens, X-OVEN is the only charcoal oven with three removable grill drawers; the first, real alternative to all other ovens featuring only the front hatch; an exclusive innovation born from Italian skill and internationally patented.