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X1 Model
X2 Model
X3 Model


Assembly X1
Assembly X3
Delivery X1
Delivery X3
Installation X1
Installation X3


Ignition X1
Ignition X3
Recommended use X1
Recommended use X3
Service X1
Service X3
Shutdown X1
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Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance

Product accessories

All terrain cart
Aluminum non-stick pans set (diam. 16, 28)
Aluminum non-stick trays set
Basic cart
Chromed steel plates and stainless-steel grills set
Double grill drawer
Refractory plates set
Slim grill drawers kit
Smoke outlet valve extensions
X-Oven grill drawers stain shields

Fire accessories


The Chefs speak

Chef Armando Codispoti - TasteOnTop
Chef Daniele Tursi - Restaurant Cenerè, Milan, Italy
Chef Martino Ghiotto - Restaurant Damaranto, Soave (VR), Italy
Chef Roberto Magnani - Restaurant Kuccagna, Dovera (CR), Italy


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X-Oven HostMilano 2015
X-Oven HostMilano 2017